NASA Rover finds Egyptian Statue on Mars?!

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So much has changed at our website since we had this article.  Look out for the SOL 855 FULL PDS Version that will show the King and Queen.


YouTube User: whatsupinthesky37 -  Video number 24 in our Mars video series takes us to the Victoria Crater photographed by the Opportunity Rover in 2007.  This feature is well known as the "Egyptian Statue".  We take a look at this Anomaly.  This is a great picture for the collection! 
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YouTube User:  WhatsUpInTheSky37 

Todd did a great job reworking these images from the .img and .lbl files over at the PDS.  I am sure someone has found this before but it was new to me for sure.  I didn't know what to call this video!  Best sand castle on Mars?   There are so many what look to be manufactured items on these two images that they were totally worth a video if you ask me!  I am trying to bring you all the best and boy do we have a couple saved up for you!  Much love to everyone as I have been busy with work and around the house and haven't had time to put as many videos as I want out.  I am going to bring the stuff that I really enjoy for now and this year after the new year I will be back to where I can publish more!   So what did I miss on here?  I have a bunch of great enhanced images on the article for this one.



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