DIRTY DOZEN - Episode 40

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DD 40 Title

For the dedicated researchers at UFAH, it is a foregone conclusion that intelligent life once existed on Mars.  This isn’t conjecture or wishful thinking, but a conclusion based upon solid evidence, the sheer volume of which is at this point, overwhelming!

Episode 40 delves into some compelling late-breaking images from Mars.  What do you make of a perfect disc, daylight streaming through a cutout, standing on edge in the sand?  How about a symmetrically-built wall, revealed as a cliff crumbles away?  Architectural elements lie scattered about, including a flawless triangular block which appears to be covered with carving.  How about a gigantic slab, perfectly rectangular sporting a stylized glyph in elegant bas-relief?

Are they really “just rocks”, or is there something more at work here?  You be the judge.

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YouTube User:  WhatsUpInTheSky37 

Todd did a great job reworking these images from the .img and .lbl files over at the PDS.  I am sure someone has found this before but it was new to me for sure.  I didn't know what to call this video!  Best sand castle on Mars?   There are so many what look to be manufactured items on these two images that they were totally worth a video if you ask me!  I am trying to bring you all the best and boy do we have a couple saved up for you!  Much love to everyone as I have been busy with work and around the house and haven't had time to put as many videos as I want out.  I am going to bring the stuff that I really enjoy for now and this year after the new year I will be back to where I can publish more!   So what did I miss on here?  I have a bunch of great enhanced images on the article for this one.



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