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Hope you are enjoying the site bud!
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Just updated Community Builder.. It added Group stuff where we can makes events and all sorts of stuff. Even more to add to your profile I think. Good old updates.. So lets see what it broke :)
Been updating the Community Builder and some other backend things to make or profiles even funner :)
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Welcome aboard! Love the images.. Hope to see you over in the forums!
Welcome to the website!
You have been hitting it out of the park with some of the posts and news articles lately! We are all glad to have you on here!
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Happy New Year Everyone!
Thanks for signing up :)
Thanks for signing up for the site!! Hope to see you in the forums!
Welcome to the website!!! Hope you enjoy and join in the conversation on our forums!!
Welcome to the site Liz! Hope you get lost in all the content! I am trying to find ways to lay it out and make the search work much better.. Where did you find us?
Welcome to the website!!
Sending your daughter and family loving prayers from myself and the whole Anomaly Hunting community!
Welcome to the site!! Great to have you on!
Your first post in Possums Best is awesome!! I haven't seen that one before! Totally video worthy will check it out more when home!
Welcome to the website and thank you for the sub on YouTube! Love the profile picture. It looks like one you see when your watching one of the videos that screams at you and pops up a image :) I hope to hear from you in the forums here! More and more people are starting to share images and talk about what is going on which is nice because this is totally away from Google Plus or Facebook where everyone can feel free to speak their minds without their family and friends all in their business! Thanks again!!
Thanks for joining! Looking forward to more posts!!
Nice panorama! Did you create it?
I love to see people who have been on here for 2 years and still come back and catch up on the website! There is so much going on int he forums as well as the articles it is becoming a great place to share information!!
Hope you like the new forums!
Updated the Forum, Community Builder & Some other stuff now. It should be easier to see the things you are typing in the forum! Much love to you all!
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YouTube User:  WhatsUpInTheSky37 

Thank you to Todd who is one of our forum moderators at http://www.whatsupinthesky.com for sharing this one in the forum.  I am sure others have found this before although NASA sure did hide it well in the Black and White footage on their website.  Making it harder for the public to see things like that if it wasn't for people like Todd and oh so many more going through the 100 percent lossless files as well as the 8 bit versions of them that come directly from the rover.   It takes us six months to between PDS dumps which often have older images on them as well.   So let me know what you think below?  Artifact or Natural?  My mind isn't made up on this one yet!

NASA Link:  https://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/msss/01555/mcam/1555MR0079850020800153C00_DXXX.jpg



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