Are UFO's to Blame for Strange Contrails Over Russia??

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(Credit:Elisha Ponomaryov)

In the city of Biysk in Russia, there are some who believe UFO's are to blame for strange contrails in the sky.

A witness to the strange formation of contrails managed to get photos and also stated,"It was early in the morning and there were not many people on the streets but those that were there pointing at the sky and I realised there were these strange rings." Most people that were witness to these anomalies speculate that they were simply Army planes and even UFOs. But according to Metro UK, "Some of those who witnessed their creation claimed that they had seen three spherical yellow spheres flying in a chaotic pattern which had caused the rings."

Another witness, Zemfira Bocharova, said: "I saw them at 6:25 a.m. and there were four. One of them was particularly bright and two others were flying parallel with that- and the fourth one was at a different angle and further away from the other three." And then came the humorous speculation. Some online have accused a Natural Phenomenon for the contrails, yet they don't enlighten us as to what that "Natural Phenomenon" may be. Another alleged witness claimed that it was smoke from a fallen meteorite that had hit the ground and exploded.

The local media blamed the rings on a satellite that was recently launched to provide communication services for T.V. in Russia and Asia.

( Picture of Biysk, Russia. Credit:Google)

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