Exciting New Case Out of Fairfax, Vermont

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This case is basically transcribed right out of MUFON's report with minor word changes. But this is a very good case with good descriptions of flight characterics and object movements, along with multiple witnesses.

  (picture of Fairfax, Vermont. Credit:Google)

On December 4th, 2014 at 9 P.M. a man was excercising when he noticed a bright light. So he goes up a flight of stairs to the front porch. Before noticing any type of detail, he notes feeling an extreme sense of dread. He goes on to state." I looked up toward the sky at a 45 degree angle, directly away from our house, towards Vermonts highest mountain peak. In the near distance, perhaps a half mile from where I was standing, I saw an extremely bright object pulsating red and blue lights, bouncing around slightly."

The witness decides to go back inside to find his wife to watch it together. Once he finds her, they return to the front porch. He explains what happens next. "At the same moment I noticed another similiar bright object to the North, but this object became a secondary consideration to us because it was partially obscured by tree branches near our window and appeared to be farther away and at a higher altitude." The witness then decides to go after his telescope and deploy it towards the objects, this is what he saw. "When I returned, I noticed a light on the ground directly below the UFO in a location that I knowto be a patch of cow pasture void of any structures. I quickly found the UFO in my telescope lens. What I saw shocked me to my core."

"The object was disc shaped, bright, colorful, pulsating and bouncing. The pulsating red and blue lights appeared to come from within the craft, passing out through its walls. I then found the light on the ground below the craft and saw i was cylindrical, orangish yellow and was illuminating a white angular object which sat closer to my house on the grass."

Back to the object in the sky. "When my wife again examined the craft, she asked, what isthat other thing.....in the air, closer to us, in the bottom right corner of another, mostly black and camouflaged object, perhaps 2 or 300 yards closer to us. I watched this object for 10 minutes or longer and noticed it was slowly rocking around and up and down. ( TIME OUT-If you just read my article on the forestry workers in WA that witnessed the disc taking the elk, it was displaying the same characteristics, the "wobbling" GAME ON!) On several occasions, I could clearly see that the bright, pulsating disc was casting enough light on the angular craft to illuminate 2 corners of what appeared to be triangular black craft."

Just then the witnesses became aware the object on the ground disappeared.

 (Could this be one of the UFOs witnessed? credit: Google)

"Then I noticed the pulsating disc was calmer-more stationary and less bright. The red light, especially, was most or entirely gone and the craft appeared to settle into a lower-energy state. The triangular craft remained in the same position for another 30 mintes." "Immediately prior to going to bed, I saw that the disc and the triangle had both changed their positions. The disc was now higher, perhaps directly above the triangle, which was hovering with its underside pointing directly at my window. I saw one faint, circular light at each of the three corners."

Ironically, their neighbor witnessed the same incident they come to find out. "This individual informed me that she had seen an object at 9 P.M. on December 3rd and 4th. I knew this meant that the object might return soon, and watched out my window the night of the 5th. Two bright pulsating objects appeared shortly before midnight, at least one half mile further than the previous night. I watched for over an hour as they appeared to follow a grid pattern slightly above the tree tops near a river."

Fairfax, Vermont isin Franklin county and has a population of 4,285 people.

Credit: www.MUFON.com

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Todd did a great job reworking these images from the .img and .lbl files over at the PDS.  I am sure someone has found this before but it was new to me for sure.  I didn't know what to call this video!  Best sand castle on Mars?   There are so many what look to be manufactured items on these two images that they were totally worth a video if you ask me!  I am trying to bring you all the best and boy do we have a couple saved up for you!  Much love to everyone as I have been busy with work and around the house and haven't had time to put as many videos as I want out.  I am going to bring the stuff that I really enjoy for now and this year after the new year I will be back to where I can publish more!   So what did I miss on here?  I have a bunch of great enhanced images on the article for this one.



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