UFO Sighting Reports Down in November

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According to MUFON, UFO sightings as a whole have gone down 30% in November 2014. Maine was the highest reporting state by population with 3.01 sightings per million population. The stats were released from MUFON on December 1st.

Unfortunately, my neighboring state of West Virginia that kept me so busy in the month of October, took a fairly steady decline in sightings and ended up ranking 4th for November 2014. A very far cry from October 2014 when it was ranked #1. The state of Nevada ranked 2nd with 2.54 sightings per million population.

The UFO alert rating system is based on five levels-1 through 5- where stats with 4.01 or higher reports per million residents are rated Alert 1; 3.01-4.0 reports are on Alert 2; 2.51-3.0 are on Alert 3; 2.01-2.5 are on Alert 4; and states with 2.0 or lower are rated on Alert 5. Leaving population out of the equation, the top reporting states for November 2014 with 16 or more reports were: California 44; Pennsylvania 17; and Texas with 16.

As far as the type of objects reported, the sphere is at the top of the list with 88 November cases. Discs, 57; Triangle, 56; unknowns, 45; other, 42; star-like, 40; circle, 34; oval, 22; cylinder, 20; Boomerang, 20; fireball, 20; N/A, 18; square-rectangle, 14; cigar, 13; diamond, 8; egg shaped, 8; flash, 8; bullet-missile, 6; blimp, 5; chevron, 4; cone, 4; saturn-like, 3; teardrop, 3; cross, 2.

There were 25 landings, hoverings, or take-offs reported and 1 entity observed. For more information on specific cases or recent news on MUFON, please check out MUFON.com. They take things very seriously there and are in the process of some serious upgrading.


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