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Wow you all sure did fill up my email box and facebook page with links to these articles!  Thank you all so much for the support and tips as we have been going through this great time of disclosure in which every human being that has access to the Internet can really sit back and do the type of research that they need to provide themselves with any answers that they may be looking for.  We live in an amazing time! I myself have noticed the strong push that has been speeding up every single week for the last three months towards some sort of disclosure of Extraterrestrial Life.  I am not sure exactly where the powers to be are taking the ship but they have suddenly put the gas to the floor.  All we can do is keep showing what we find to more and more people and sharing our information like the Anomaly videos that myself and so many others from the UFAH (The United Family Of Anomaly Hunters) and the hundreds of random people out there hunting for all things strange and sharing them with the world.  

Here we have two strange things going on.   The floating city I am going with the Mirage theory.  I must say it fits but is TOTALLY amazing.  I could also be wrong.  I have always said that I see what I see and you see what you see.   As for the possible Alien Structure around that star KIC 8462852 and the research paper entitled "Where's the flux" I am keeping an open mind as always and waiting for more data to come in.  In this video I give you a breakdown of what I see going on as well as add my tidbits here and there.  As always I hope you enjoy and please comment and add to the conversation!  What do you think these things are?  Whether you believe me what I think or not your theory and thoughts are just as important as mine and the comments are what keep me making videos!  I want to hear what you all think!!  Much love and enjoy the video!  The links will be below as always.

Links In Video:

Kepler Alien Structure:

Floating City:


Mirage of a floating city or something out of the twilight zone?

Location that Kepler Telescope is surveying:

Thank you so much for watching with an open mind.  If you are not a member of the site feel free to signup by hitting the Register and come join us in the forum discussions!

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Thank you to Todd who is one of our forum moderators at for sharing this one in the forum.  I am sure others have found this before although NASA sure did hide it well in the Black and White footage on their website.  Making it harder for the public to see things like that if it wasn't for people like Todd and oh so many more going through the 100 percent lossless files as well as the 8 bit versions of them that come directly from the rover.   It takes us six months to between PDS dumps which often have older images on them as well.   So let me know what you think below?  Artifact or Natural?  My mind isn't made up on this one yet!

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