The Golf Ball Dome On Mars - Real NASA Picture

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YouTube User: whatsupinthesky37 -   We take a look at the well known golf ball on the planet Mars.  This is video number 6 in the Mars series.  I should have a couple more soon!  Stay tuned.  As always here is the link:  


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Is this a "hot spring lake" next to a city on Mars? This HiRISE image looks pixelated, but that does not explain the larger buildings in this stunning image. The water looks very transparent with underwater structures quite clear and seems to be lapping up against a sea wall. (Lake wall) The wall is quite clear on the top left of the image that looks to be part of a castle type structure with large buildings further down the coast towards the centre of the picture.

Many of the smaller squares may be pixelization, but the larger rectangular shapes are just too big to be shoved to one side by frivolous debunkers.

The water may be liquid due to geothermal (hot spring) activity.

In fact I nearly got the captions mixed up near the end of the video due to the Google Earth lake and coastal images looking so similar to these Mars image clips.

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