The Golf Ball Dome On Mars - Real NASA Picture

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YouTube User: whatsupinthesky37 -   We take a look at the well known golf ball on the planet Mars.  This is video number 6 in the Mars series.  I should have a couple more soon!  Stay tuned.  As always here is the link:  


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YouTube User:  WhatsUpInTheSky37

Description:  This is a quick one for me.. 11 minutes or so going over this cool shot that our buddy Kjell sent over last week.  It has strange Objects all over it.  I love the one that looks Oval and the Pyramid looking capstone at the top.   Even the thing to the bottom left of the capstone looking piece is really cool!  I hope you enjoy!  So much more to come for 2016.  We have a much needed Space News coming up and then I am going to take us back to Ceres and Pluto along with a 2016 video that is going to talk about where I want to go with the channel as well as wanting your valuable input!  I really do love the subscribers and the people have I have become great friends with on here even if we do not talk I still know that you are out there and watching as well as we take trips to other planets and talk about my life..  I appreciate all the shares, tweets, facebook posts and everyone who has come over to the website and signed up.  The forum is taking off!  For now here is the link to the original NASA image as well as the Enhanced Article at WUITS.

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