Mars Strange SOL 549 Captured By Curiosity Rover

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Youtube User: whatsupinthesky37 - I found this in one of the facebook groups I am a member off.  It seemed pretty crazy all of the honeycomb or tube looking features all around this area of Mars.   It seems mixed in with a lot of junk that was left behind by a destroyed civilization.  As always I see what I see and you see what you see..  Let me know what you are thinking!  Here is the link to the NASA photo:

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This image from SOL 1107 that my friend Ron showed to me is absolutely amazing!  Once again it is a little blurry and has some blur spots at VERY suspicious places..  It is a gem for the anomalies hunters!  I show you some ruins from Egypt to get your eyes used to some of these during the video and also provide the FotoForensics which seems to show some tampering all in the "Sandy" places!  You are going to want to add this to your collection as well as check out the WUITS Article for all the up close enhancements!  If you have not checked out any of the articles that go along with the videos you are missing out!  They have really become addon to the video itself!   Much love to everyone and I hope to ALL of your views on this image!  What are you seeing here?  Do you see what I see?  What did I miss?  Much love to you all and as always I provide the image links and the link to the article with Enhanced Images!

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