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Mars3D presents our "pick of the litter" from over 1,200 different anomalous finds of 2016. 300 puzzling discoveries are presented in a fast-paced flip book format; a body of evidence that will leave even die-hard skeptics scratching their heads!

The latest theories on Mars' ancient history are presented, along with enigmatic evidence like intelligently-shaped blocks of stone, unnatural carvings, broken machine remnants, structures both weird and familiar, clearly-defined pyramids and a selection of items that simply defy explanation.

You may wish to consider the full-immersion experience: full-screen HD and a good set of headphones as we take you to the surface of Mars in a real-life science fiction mystery.

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YouTube User:  WhatsUpInTheSky37 

Thank you to Todd who is one of our forum moderators at for sharing this one in the forum.  I am sure others have found this before although NASA sure did hide it well in the Black and White footage on their website.  Making it harder for the public to see things like that if it wasn't for people like Todd and oh so many more going through the 100 percent lossless files as well as the 8 bit versions of them that come directly from the rover.   It takes us six months to between PDS dumps which often have older images on them as well.   So let me know what you think below?  Artifact or Natural?  My mind isn't made up on this one yet!

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